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How secure is CloudOn?

CloudOn takes pains to audit our security processes and improve them on a regular basis.

Below is some additional information regarding the security of the CloudOn workspace:

1) Your Data

  • Your storage provider tokens: Your tokens are kept encrypted and are only accessible by you from your CloudOn account.
  • Your files: CloudOn does not store your files. Your files are pulled only when you need them. Once you've finished editing them, they are saved back to your storage provider and wiped from our systems.

2) Client-Server:

  • 128-bit/256-bit HTTPS communication between the client and our platform.
  • Encrypted communication between the virtualized application and client or platform.
  • Communication between our internal systems is also encrypted.

3) Firewalls:

Our platform uses firewalls as do the virtualized applications.

4) Hardening/Sandboxing:

Data leaks and intrusion are prevented by file-level access control and a strong group policy system.

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