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How do I move docs?

To move a doc, go to its storage provider in the Finder.

Move only works for docs saved to cloud storage providers so be sure that you are not in the Recent, Shared or Starred lists when you try to move a doc.

Tap the doc's Workfeed icon (located on the right side of the Finder view). Next, tap Move and tap the place you would like to move the doc. Finally, tap Move once more.

On Android devices and iPhones, tap and hold on the doc you wish to move, then tap “Copy” in the edit menu that appears. Next, navigate to the place that you want to move the item to and tap “Paste” to move it.

You can only move docs from one folder to another on the same storage provider without a CloudOn Pro account. With CloudOn Pro, you can move docs between storage providers and from iPad storage to the cloud. 

Find out more about CloudOn Pro features under Subscriptions & Billing.

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