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I received a welcome email but didn't sign up for your service, what do I do?

The CloudOn application allows you to access other services and use those services to review, create, edit, save and share Microsoft documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Providing an email address as a user name when creating an account is required for account registration.  We also capture a user's IP address during registration as a further fraud prevention measure. In order to onboard the services CloudOn connects with, the user is challenged using oAuth when they access every service. As a result, a user's security authorization is verified at this stage given that sensitive data may be accessed from via these services.

In order to prevent errors in registration from occurring we are now instituting a means for people to opt out if their email was erroneously used (we do not currently require someone to opt in). Once an account is set up, users are required to receive our welcome email and any system related emails.  If you have received a welcome email but did not sign up for a CloudOn account, please contact us.

CloudOn is a reputable company that is used by business and professional users. For more information please visit our website at

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