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Using Corporate/Enterprise Storage instead of...

To maintain the highest degree of compliance, risk and regulatory mandates and controls as a Financial Institution we follow the highest diligence with compliance, and therefore cloud level storage is not viewed as a viable option. I will not get far exploring or using this as an Enterprise level solution unless we can store the documents within my Corporate/Enterprise Data Storage instead of using Dropbox, Skydrive, Box, or Google Drive? Is that even a model under consideration?

Geno Rothe Shared this idea     January 29, 2013
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Christian Hummel Commented February 28, 2013, 4:14 pm

Maintaining a central repository that follows internal guidelines and structure is critical in today business climate. Additionally the need to expand the offerings with which tools we use to access that repository is becoming a greater challenge. With the ability to connect securely to internal servers with a variety of devices and platforms, charge $10 or $15 for the app and allow people the freedom to work in the environment they choose.