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Making CloudOn Accessible for Users with Visual Impairments

I am a teacher at a school for the blind and visually impaired, and I teach an iPad with VoiceOver workshop based on student needs. Students who are visually impaired may need to use CloudOn to access technology curriculum at their schools, so the app should be compatible with VoiceOver. Here is my review that will also be posted on I created a CloudOn account using VoiceOver, which required dragging my finger around the screen to locate buttons on several occasions. In order to log in to CloudOn, the user has to drag their finger to the center of the screen to locate the "Sign In" or "Create an Account" buttons. This is extremely difficult for a user who is blind using VoiceOver. The buttons seem to all be labeled correctly. When signing in, it is not clear which text edit box VoiceOver is focused on without dragging a finger around the center of the screen to hear "Text Field is Editing…" After entering a user name, pressing return gets the user to the password text edit box. After typing the password, pressing return gets the user into the site. This process should be followed strictly, since alternatives may lead to confusion, because the button to enter the site is called "Registration On", so it is not obvious if the user tries to find it by dragging their finger around the screen. Another difficulty is that this sign-in process must be repeated each time the user returns to their iPad's home screen and then back to CloudOn. There is a "Remember Me" checkbox/button that can be located using finger dragging (in the center of the screen) and activated. This will prevent the need to repeat the sign-in process. Once in the CloudOn app environment, the three buttons at the top of the screen are not accessible with VoiceOver. In addition, swiping does not navigate through the buttons or areas. The user must drag their finger around the screen to locate items. Once I located Box, I was able to log into my Box account. Then, I encountered the most significant difficulty. The three buttons at the top of the screen allow a user to create new documents, access settings, access help, and more. Because these buttons are not accessible using VoiceOver, a user cannot create documents using CloudOn. This is the critical element that prevents a user with a visual impairment from using CloudOn. All buttons should be accessible using VoiceOver, and the functionality should not be that difficult for such talented software developers to make CloudOn accessible for all users.

John Shared this idea     January 29, 2013
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